La société Néerlandaise Ploeger, propriétaire des entreprises Oxbo et Bourgoin et grand spécialiste de la récolte sera présente pour présenter sa gamme complète de machines pour la récolte de légumes, maïs doux, maïs semence.
Elle présentera également son tout nouveau automoteur d'enfouissement de lisier.

Since its founding in 1959, Ploeger has put all its energy into the development and manufacture of self-propelled harvesting machines for harvesting peas, broad and kidney beans and flageolets, beans and peppers, spinach, herbaceous plants and other leaf crops, potatoes, carrots, bulbs, onions, chicory, endives and other root vegetables. In 2017 Ploeger added the application technology to the product range.

Ploeger is a specialist in harvesting and application technology and manufactures machines that correspond entirely to the customer’s needs. Their yellow and green machines are known for their excellent finish and operational reliability under all field and weather conditions. And not unimportant either: the highest efficiency.

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